3 Great Tips To Consider When Purchasing An Edge Finding Tool

3 Great Tips To Consider When Purchasing An Edge Finding Tool

8 August 2018
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Edge finding tools play an important role in machining. They help align your milling machine on the edge of your work pieces for precise cuts. If you're looking to purchase one of these machines, these tips are important to consider. 

Compare Single vs. Double Edge 

Today, there are predominantly two types of edge finders you can purchase for milling machines. These include single edge and double edge finders. If you plan on working with materials that strictly have straight edges, then you'll want to invest in a single edge finder. Using the spindle's center, it can find the location of your work pieces. Generally, these finders are cheaper to purchase.

Double edge finders are unique in that they serve two purposes: find a work piece's edge and locate punch marks. This dual function makes these edge finders more flexible in terms of their application. You'll typically pay more for this application flexibility. 

Opt for an Electronic Design 

If you don't mind paying a little bit more for one of these machines, it's advantageous to ensure the edge finding tool has an electronic design. These machines can identify the location of an edge and height offsets using an LED light. Such a design can ensure an accurate milling setup, no matter what materials you plan on working with.

Another benefit of an electronic edge finder -- as opposed to mechanical models -- is its spindle does not need to be rotating in order to remain operational. It is thus easier to maintain and use, which is ideal if you don't have a lot of experience with these edge finding tools. 

Find a Reputable Brand 

The quality of your edge finder will depend a lot on the brand you choose. To ensure you make the right investment, see what reviews different edge finding brands have received. You obviously want a brand that has received rave reviews from previous consumers.

You also should look for an edge finding brand that has been in this industry for a long time. Chances are, these brands have had more time to work out the kinks and issues with their products. So when you purchase them, you won't have to worry as much about complications arising.

There are many great edge finding tools you can use for your milling practices. The trick to finding the right one is assessing your milling needs, from budget to operational preferences. Talk to a company like SDA Manufacturing LLC to learn more.

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