Storing Your Concession Trailer In The Off Season

Storing Your Concession Trailer In The Off Season

19 August 2018
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As the warm weather begins to fade and the fairs and other outside events come to a close, it is probably time to get your concession trailer ready for the winter. In some parts of the country the offseason is very short, while in other parts, the winter is longer and much more defined. In either case, getting the concession trailer ready to be stored requires some work.

Parking Your Trailer

The first thing you need to consider is where you will park the trailer. You might have a spot in the yard for it but if you don't, finding a safe place to park it that will keep it secure is important. Sometimes a self-storage business will offer space to park RVs and vehicles. As long as the lot is secured and monitored, it might be a good option if you do not have space at home. Ideally, having it parked at your home would allow you to do any work or redesigning on it but wherever you park it, it needs to be on solid, flat ground.

Cleaning Before Storage

One of the most important things you need to do before you put your trailer in storage for the winter is to clean it out. You do not need to remove the equipment but it is a good idea to give the entire trailer a good cleaning and get all the food out of it. If you have anything that has fallen behind your grill or fryers, now is the time to clean that up. Drain the oil from the fryers and then clean them thoroughly, scrub the floors down, and even the walls can be washed down. The idea is to get it clean enough to keep mice and other critters for being attracted to it. Plus, if you clean it now, it will be easier to start the season next year.

Open The Doors

If you have a fridge and a freezer in your trailer, you want to be sure they are empty and clean inside and out. Once they are good and clean, prop the doors open on both appliances so they do not get musty inside. In terms of safety, leaving these doors open is okay if you have the trailer locked up so no one can get inside it.

Jacking The Trailer Up

Storing the trailer on trailer jacks is also a good idea. If you place jacks at all four corners, you can raise the trailer enough to get the weight off the tires and avoid damage to the tires. Flat spotting or dry rot is a possibility if the tires are on the ground. If you have not choice but to leave it on its tires, try to move it around from time to time.​

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