An Aquarium Is A Nice Touch For Your Restaurant And Easy To Maintain With Professional Help

An Aquarium Is A Nice Touch For Your Restaurant And Easy To Maintain With Professional Help

20 August 2018
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An aquarium adds a relaxing touch of beauty to your restaurant. It delights diners of all ages, but that's only true when the aquarium is kept free of algae, the fish are healthy, and the water is crystal-clear. Maintaining a large aquarium, whether it's freshwater or saltwater, is not easy. Since you have a lot riding on the appearance of your aquarium, you'll want to hire a professional aquarium-cleaning service to keep it in good shape. Here are some things the service can help with.

Monitor The Health Of The Fish

Your customers don't want to see injured, dead, or sick fish in the tank. The cleaning service can remove problem fish and monitor the rest of the fish so diseases can be treated and prevented when possible. Since some large or exotic fish are expensive, the service may take your sick fish back to the office to be treated and then placed back in your tank when they've recovered.

Keep Algae Cleaned Off

The aquarium-cleaning service can coordinate the best time to clean the tank so it won't interfere with your customers. One task that needs to be done on a regular basis is the removal of algae. If it's not cleaned off, it will stain the glass, cover plants and rocks, and make the water murky. Removing algae involves scrubbing it off, filtering it out, and treating the water so it can't thrive in your tank. Cleaning the water in the tank also involves exchanging the water with new water. Only part of the water is exchanged each time so the fish don't have to be disturbed. When this is done on a regular basis, it helps keep the water clear and your fish healthy.

Maintain The Accessories

The filter, lights, and heater are important for maintaining the right habitat for your fish. These parts need to be serviced regularly and cleaned. In addition, the outside of the tank itself needs to be cleaned of dust. Any metal parts are polished so they look new and shiny. The outside of your aquarium should be just as clean and attractive as the inside.

You may need to have your aquarium serviced on a weekly basis. It depends on the size of the aquarium and the number of fish you have. By cleaning the tank regularly, it won't accumulate a lot of algae, so a prolonged deep cleaning won't need to be done as often. The good thing about bringing in professionals to care for your aquarium is that they'll know from experience how to care for your tank properly so it always looks its best and your fish stay healthy.

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