Top Signs And Causes Of A Clogged Sewer Drain

Top Signs And Causes Of A Clogged Sewer Drain

23 August 2018
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Having a clogged sink or tub in your home can be inconvenient and frustrating, but experiencing a clogged sewer drain is even worse. Every drain in your house runs into a large pipe called the main sewer line, and this pipe carries all the waste water from your home to your septic system. Because this pipe is responsible for all the waste water from your home, a clog in it will be obvious. Here are the top signs that you may have a clogged sewer drain, as well as the main reasons this happens.

Signs of a Clogged Sewer Drain

If you have a clogged sink or tub drain, you would experience problems with just that particular drain. When the problem lies within the main sewer drain, though, you will experience a lot of problems with your entire plumbing system. Here are the top signs you are likely to notice if your main sewer drain is clogged:

  1. All of your drains are moving slowly – A clogged main line will lead to problems with all the fixtures, not just one.
  2. You hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains – Gurgling can occur as the waste water tries to work its way down the pipes but has nowhere to go.
  3. You smell or see sewage in or near your drains – Sewage will begin backing up in the pipes and may also come through your drains when it has nowhere to go.
  4. You can see sewage in the cleanout valve of your septic system – This is a pipe that is typically found between your house and the septic system, and you can remove the cap to look inside.
  5. There is wet ground near your septic system – When there is a clog in the pipe, the waste water could leak from it, which would cause the ground in the area to be wet.
  6. You see unusual things in your grass – This can include seeing a patch of grass that is much greener than the rest, or it might be a small area that looks sunken or that is really wet.

If you notice any of these problems, you probably have a clog somewhere in the main sewer drain, and this may cause you to wonder how it got clogged.

Main Reasons Clogs Occur in Sewer Drains

There are a lot of ways main sewer drains can get clogged, but here are some of the top reasons:

  1. Tree roots have grown into the pipes – You cannot control where the roots of trees in your yard will grow. Because of this, one may grow into your sewer pipe, causing a major clog.
  2. Problems with the slope of the sewer pipe – If the main sewer line is not positioned so it is sloping downwards from your house to the system, this could be causing problems with the sewage making its way out of your house.
  3. Trapped debris in the lines – If you flush the wrong things down your drain pipes, they can eventually collect in one area and cause a clog to form.

A plumber can locate the problem if there is one, and he or she will also be able to make the necessary repairs to get your system back up and functioning properly. Plumbers use a variety of methods to diagnose these types of problems, including video inspections.

If you are currently experiencing the signs listed here and do not want the problem to worsen, you will need to contact a company that offers drain cleaning services. They will find out where the problem is in your line and will offer solutions to fix it. Contact a company like Stars N Pipes Drain and Sewer Cleaning to learn more.

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