Tips For Preparing Your Hand Tools For Long-Term Storage

Tips For Preparing Your Hand Tools For Long-Term Storage

24 August 2018
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If you are moving to a smaller residence are planning on storing your large collection of hand tools, you may wonder if there is anything special you should do to them to keep them in good condition while they are in storage. If so, use the following tips to get them ready for long-term storage.

Clean and Dry Each Tool Thoroughly

The first thing you need to do to each tool before you start packing them up is thoroughly clean them. If you leave any dirt, plaster, or moisture on the tools, the metal portions will be at risk of rusting.

Even if they do not rust, you would be stuck with cleaning them when you do need them again. And, since any dirt left on the tools over a long period of time would likely be hardened, the job would be much harder.

To clean the tools, use a damp rag to wipe them off. If you have any dirt that is especially caked on, use a small amount of vinegar to break it up. Then, use a clean cloth to dry them completely to get rid of any moisture that could become trapped and cause the tools to rust.

Lubricate All Metal Parts on the Tools

After cleaning your tools, the next step is to apply a thin layer of lubricant to all of the metal parts. The lubricant will help protect against moisture, as well as scratches that may occur while they are being moved to and from the storage unit.

To lubricate your tools, apply a small amount of machine oil or spray lubricant on a soft cloth, and wipe them down generously. Lay them down on a rag after you are finished with each one so that dirt does not collect in the oil.

Wrap the Tools in Clean Cloths 

Once your tools are clean and lubricated, it is time to start packing them up for storage. However, you should avoid simply placing them unprotected in a box or on the floor of the storage unit. Doing so would likely lead to damage and exposed them to moisture.

Before you store your tools, wrap each one in a small piece of cotton cloth. The cloth will protect them from scratches, and the cotton can help keep the moisture away from the tools. Once they are wrapped, place them in a sealed plastic container or toolbox that has a tight-fitting lid.

Taking the time to properly clean and prepare your hand tools for storage helps ensure that they are ready for use the next time you need them. If you need any further advice, contact a company like Gorst Self Storage today.

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