Are You Dealing With Higher-Than-Expected Energy Bills In Your Newly Purchase Home? 3 Signs That It Is Poorly Insulated

Are You Dealing With Higher-Than-Expected Energy Bills In Your Newly Purchase Home? 3 Signs That It Is Poorly Insulated

28 August 2018
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When you bought your home, you likely created a meticulous budget to help make sure that you could afford your new lifestyle. Unfortunately, the one thing that you might not have accounted for was higher-than-average utility costs. While energy usage can vary according to a variety of factors, you should have an idea of how much electricity or gas it takes to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. If you notice that the bill is way higher than you expected, check for these three signs that poor insulation is to blame.

You Can't Achieve a Consistent Temperature

A poorly insulated house may have differing amounts of insulation in each area. For instance, you may notice that the upstairs area has a temperature that is way off compared to the lower floor. If this is the case, then attic insulation can be added to help even out the temperatures in the house. Since a large amount of heat is lost through the top of the house, this simple strategy is an effective way to reduce energy usage during the colder months of the year.

You Notice Drafty Windows and Doors

A large amount of your energy bill could be attributed to the loss of heat or cool air around your windows and doors. While your first thought may be to add more caulking or weather stripping, these methods may not fully resolve the problem. Often, there are small cracks around the doors and windows that require a thicker layer of protection. You can notice this issue by feeling around the windows, or you can look for signs of pest activity since flies and other insects use these drafty cracks as entry points to your house. An insulation contractor can apply spray foam insulation to these areas so that they no longer allow air to escape.

You Bought a House That Is More Than Ten Years Old

Older houses tend to be under-insulated for several different reasons. For instance, your house may have been insulated with poor-quality materials compared to what is used for home insulation today. Homebuilders were also held to different standards for insulation in the years before energy conservation and rising utility costs made it more critical to properly insulate a house. During an inspection, your insulation contractor can check the thickness and type of insulation used in your house to determine if you could benefit from adding more or a better type.

When you've tried all of the tricks to lower your energy bills, you need to look deeper. By addressing poor insulation issues, you can enjoy a more comfortable house while reducing the heating and cooling costs. For more information, get in touch with a company such as American Fireplace and Insulation.

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