Four Action Verbs That Should Be Part Of Your Resume

Four Action Verbs That Should Be Part Of Your Resume

16 January 2019
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One of the best ways that you can make the content of your resume come alive is through the use of action verbs — especially when you use them to start sentences. Resume content can appear dull when you begin sentences with phrases such as, "In my current position, my duties included …." Such statements also add bulk to your resume without really enhancing the content, and are statements that a lot of other job applicants will use — which can result in your resume sounding stale. One idea is to begin each description of your past positions with an action verb. Here are four that you should use.


If you have experience overseeing a team of employees, even if the team was small, use "managed" as a way of introducing this role. For example, you could write, "Managed a three-person marketing team …." The use of an action verb such as this one immediately adds energy and excitement to your resume. When a hiring manager reads this word, he or she thinks of you actively managing a group of people.


A resume is all about showcasing your credentials, and using an action verb such as "achieved" can go a long way toward accomplishing this goal. When you begin a sentence with this action verb, you'll catch the employer's eye and have a perfect opportunity to outline some of your successes. For example, you might write, "Achieved double-digit revenue growth in each of the four years that I served as sales manager."


"Completed" is an effective action verb to use for your resume because it shows that you accomplished something that you set out to do. It can also suggest that you were highly capable in a previous role. A sentence that you might begin with this word could be, "Completed a six-month intensive training on how to effectively use social media platforms to grow a client base."


Employers will watch for descriptions of growth when they read your resume, and there will be no doubt about your ability in this regard when you begin a sentence with this action verb. Using "grew" to start a phrase is a way to quickly demonstrate an accomplishment in a specific project or undertaking that you're describing. For example, you could write, "Grew the company's marketing team from three employees to five to better execute our vision for expanding our brand."

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