3 Major Reasons Why You Should Consider Aerial Photography When Selling Real Estate

3 Major Reasons Why You Should Consider Aerial Photography When Selling Real Estate

28 August 2019
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Are you thinking about selling a piece of property? Do you want something that will make your listing stand out from the crowd? In addition to the standard pictures from the street and any buildings that are on the property, one thing that you should consider is the addition of aerial photographs to your listing. There are a number of reasons why you might want to add these types of pictures to your listing but some of the most important reasons why are as follows:

Better context

When you include photographs of what are essentially close-ups of your property, it can be hard for a potential buyer to visualize exactly what he or she will be buying. Even if a particular property would be perfect for him or her, that property might be skipped due to a poor impression of how and where things are situated. Part of aerial imagery acquisition includes framing the property so that potential buyers can see not just what they'll be buying but also what they'll be able to see from the property. These are things that can't always be judged by simply looking at a map of the area but that can be discovered with these types of images.

More personalized

If you simply send people to look at a site that shows satellite images of the area, there's no guarantee that potential buyers will be able to locate your property specifically. If you're selling a house, they might get the impression that your neighbor's house is the one that's for sale. If you're selling a commercial property that's located among other commercial properties, potential buyers may have a hard time figuring out exactly which one is the one for sale. By using pictures from an aerial imagery acquisition company, you'll be able to choose exactly what any interested parties are able to see, helping them to find your property more easily.

More Affordable

Once upon a time, if you were interested in aerial imagery acquisition, you had no choice but to rent a helicopter and pay a photographer to take pictures from above. As one might imagine, this can be an expensive prospect. Fortunately, modern technology has enabled the use of small remote-controlled drones to capture the desired images. Since these drones can fit into an ordinary car or truck and are powered by rechargeable batteries, the cost of modern aerial photography has dropped significantly. And with modern digital cameras being so good, you're not sacrificing anything in image quality if you go this route.

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