3 Things You May Have Access To At A Local Pottery And Ceramics Studio

3 Things You May Have Access To At A Local Pottery And Ceramics Studio

17 December 2019
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If you have a local pottery and ceramics studio in your hometown, you may only stop in if you want to pick up a unique gift for a friend. However, there are a lot of these studios that have far more to offer, and it really is worth checking out. Take a look at some of the things that you may have access to at a local pottery and ceramics studio

Get the opportunity to take pottery classes at the studio. 

If you have always wanted to know how to make pottery, learn how to use a potter's wheel, or do sculpting with clay, you definitely should check in with the local pottery and ceramics studio. It is not at all uncommon for these art studios to offer classes for adults who are interested in learning the craft. You may find classes offered on the following things: 

  • Learning the glazing and firing process
  • Learning how to add surface art to pottery and ceramics before firing 
  • Learning the history of throwing clay or making ceramic pottery pieces 

Taking one of the offered classes is a fun way to get some artistic creativity into your day, and it is a good way to meet like-minded individuals as well. 

Find art-related activities for your children to enjoy. 

Most pottery and ceramics studios do have activities that children can get involved in. For example, you may find a pottery-making class that your children can take, or they may offer pottery painting activities for children. Incorporating art into your child's life is extremely good for them, and a lot of public school systems have had to cut back on art-related education because they lack funding. Supplement your child's art education by checking with a local studio to find out if they have something available. 

Obtain help if you have a piece of damaged pottery. 

Maybe you have a piece of pottery that means a lot to you, or perhaps you have a ceramic piece that belongs to a collection. If these pieces get damaged, many people assume that the only choice is to toss the item because it cannot be fixed. However, a good potter with enough experience can actually help make repairs to some ceramic pottery pieces. For example, if the glaze has chipped off of the edges of a ceramic plate, the professionals at the studio may be able to make repairs to restore the piece. 

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