How Full Spectrum CBD Extract Can Help You Destress And Treat Anxiety

How Full Spectrum CBD Extract Can Help You Destress And Treat Anxiety

28 August 2020
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Most connotations and preconceptions people have regarding the effects of cannabis products on the human body and mind are derived from experiences with the effects of a specific component of cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is the component that causes an intoxicating effect in people, but it is also the cause of much of the anxiety and paranoia that consumers of marijuana (a type of cannabis plant with a high amount of THC) experience. Cannabis, however, is composed of many different molecular components called cannabinoids. One of these molecules, referred to as cannabidiol or CBD, has been found to have detressing properties that counteract the paranoia and anxiety caused by THC. In one study, physical symptoms of anxiety were measured in patients who were exposed to THC alone and THC with CBD. It was found that the CBD directly cancelled the effects of the THC.

There are many CBD products on the market due to its demonstrated health effects, and these products deliver different types of CBD through various mediums, like oils or powders. Many of these products can be divided into CBD isolate products and full spectrum CBD products. The type of CBD is determined by how it is extracted from the cannabis plant. When an extraction yields a CBD isolate product, it takes pure CBD from the cannabis plant, leaving behind other cannabinoid molecules. Full spectrum CBD extraction takes CBD from the cannabis plant along with other cannabinoid molecules. Full spectrum CBD oil is often extracted from a hemp cannabis plant because hemp has miniscule amounts of THC. Therefore, CBD extracted from hemp plants doesn't have to be isolated from other cannabinoids in order to remain non-psychoactive. This allows for the product of full spectrum CBD to exist and provide the benefits that come with taking CBD supplements that are not isolated from other beneficial cannabinoids. 

Both of these forms of CBD have value and uses, but when looking for a 1000mg CBD oil product, full spectrum CBD oil is often superior. This is because including naturally occurring non-CBD cannabinoids in CBD products have allowed for really effective treatment of various ailments, including stress and anxiety. CBD isolates have their uses as well.  For example, CBD isolates can be beneficial when very specific numbers of CBD are desired in order to create personalized ratios of CBD and other compounds/supplements. When it comes to an efficient one-stop supplement, however, full-spectrum CBD oil is the best way to go about CBD treatment for stress and anxiety.  

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