Vital Qualities To Look For In An Online Public Participation Platform

Vital Qualities To Look For In An Online Public Participation Platform

24 September 2020
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A community engagement platform is a vital online tool to use for virtual meetings today. It allows dozens of people to participate in sessions. It also gives them a way to voice their opinions and provide input on matters that are important to them. 

When you search for one to use for your organization, you need to know how to select the best one. These qualities are some to look for in the ideal online public participation platform.


One of the most important qualities to look for in a community engagement platform involves a user-friendly design. You must assume that some people who use it may not be the most technologically savvy individuals. They need something that will be easy to download and access for each session.

You also need to choose a platform that has straightforward instructions about how to create an online account and profile and how to log in and log out. When you choose a platform that has a user-friendly design, you can encourage more people to attend your virtual sessions and provide a resource for people who otherwise may be put off from making their voices and input heard on important topics.

Flexible Use

The community engagement platform that you choose also needs to offer you the flexibility to hold and schedule meetings. In particular, when you share it with other hosts, you need to know that you can get your pick of times to hold your sessions. You do not want to be relegated to using time slots that are not practical for the people whom you want to attract to your meetings.

The ideal online public participation platform should be able to host numerous sessions for each time slot. You can get the times that you want for your sessions and avoid having to host them during overnight hours or in the early mornings, when people are less likely to attend.


Finally, you need your community engagement platform to offer you sufficient security. You want your users' information to be protected from unauthorized parties. You also want any content or data that you create or use for your sessions to be protected from people who could sell or misuse it.

These qualities are some to look for in a community engagement platform for your organization. You can choose one that is flexible, secure and easy for people to use.

To learn more, contact a resource that provides online public participation platforms.

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