Reduce Paper, Ink, And Toner Costs

Reduce Paper, Ink, And Toner Costs

27 October 2020
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Paper, ink, and toner consumption could be compiling during your busy season and result in occasions when you do not have the materials necessary to operate your copier. If you are looking for ways to cut back on costs, implement some new guidelines for you and your office staff to follow.

Smaller Font And Double-Sided Printing

Something as simple as decreasing the font size and utilizing both sides of a piece of paper can cut back on the amount of paper that is used each day. Documents, such as letters that are going out to a distinct party should still use the legal font type that is normally used, but copies that are going to be used for in house manuals, memos that are being sent to your staff, or handmade signage that will be hung up within the facility can utilize the new set of guidelines.

Prepare a sign, which indicates the new guidelines and specifies when normal copying procedures should be used. Most copiers contain a series of buttons, which may contain pictures indicating if double-sided printing or a smaller font is activated. For a more complex floor model, read the copier's manual or contact tech support for the manufacturer of the product, to determine how to change the settings.

No Personal Copies And A Recycling Box

If more than one copier is located within your business, you may benefit by downgrading the number of copiers that are on the premises. Instead of relying upon older models that consume a lot of ink or toner, invest in one larger unit that uses less printing materials. Let your employees know that no personal copies are to be made during working hours. If you decide to keep the original copiers or upgrade to a new one, set up a recycling box inside of your business.

Use the box to collect old inkjets and laser cartridges. The empty inkjets and cartridges that come from the equipment that is in your business can be refilled, resulting in less costs associated with acquiring more printing supplies. Reach out to people within your business, to determine if any of them are willing to pitch in toward your recycling efforts, plus save money on their own supplies. Contact a company that deals with copier materials and offers a line of recycled goods and drop off the items that you have collected, on a monthly basis.

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