Why You Should Ship With A Mailing Tube

Why You Should Ship With A Mailing Tube

8 December 2020
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When it comes time to ship items, you have lots of different shipping containers to choose from. One option that you might not have thought of, however, is a mailing tube. Mailing tubes are a great choice for shipping important documents, photos and prints, posters, and any other item that can easily be rolled without causing damage. Furthermore, you can protect these items even further by investing in heavy-duty mailing tubes, which offer a variety of unique benefits.

Save Money

Even though quality shipping tubes are strong and durable, they also tend to be more affordable upfront than official document envelopes or other shipping options.

Furthermore, since shipping tubes are made to be lightweight, they can also be cheaper to ship. While you should compare all options for your specific mailing needs, more often than not, mailing tubes are the most efficient choice.

Guard Against Moisture

When envelopes get wet, which sometimes happens during shipping and delivery, the documents or other items inside can easily become damaged or even ruined, causing you to have to re-ship them and take a loss.

Shipping tubes, on the other hand, are incredibly tough and durable and can withstand small amounts of moisture. This makes them a very effective choice when items need to arrive clean and dry or could be severely damaged by moisture.

Prevent Loss

Most people open their mailboxes to find a ton of envelopes, flyers, newspapers, and more all jumbled together. It's all too easy for an envelope to fall in between a mailer or get tossed out with junk mail, which could lead to people claiming they never got your shipment.

A mailing tube really stands out and cannot easily get lost in the shuffle, which ensures proper delivery and retrieval of the item by the recipient.

Encourage Reuse

Once a recipient receives your product, there is still plenty they can do with the shipping tube that's left behind.

Shipping tubes are great for storing small items, artwork, school projects, and more. If you encourage your customers to reuse the mailing tubes in these and other creative ways, you'll be contributing to a greener environment, which helps everyone and shows that your business cares about the planet.

Ultimately, how you ship your items and the containers you use are up to you. But due to their versatility and the many other benefits they provide, heavy-duty mailing tubes should always be a top choice.

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