5 Reasons For Women To Join The Construction Industry

5 Reasons For Women To Join The Construction Industry

18 June 2021
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When most people think about working in the construction industry, they think about men rather than women. But women have great reasons to work in construction jobs and even develop a career in the skilled construction trades. What are some of these? Here are five of the most valuable ones you might want to consider. 

1. Higher Salary Potential

Because of their high demand and relative difficulty, construction jobs often give women higher wages than many more traditional fields. In 2019, Associated General Contractors of America estimated that the average construction job paid $30.73 per hour — 10% higher than average across private industry as a whole. And many construction jobs are recession-proof as both new structures and repairs are always in need. 

2. Learning On the Job

Unlike many jobs that provide a good wage, construction work can often be started with minimal training. You can do a variety of roles within a crew with little formal education, so you won't waste your time on student loans and higher education you may not use. And as you gain skills from more experienced tradespersons, you augment that with formal training targeted only to what you need. 

3. Potential for Entrepreneurs

Looking for something that could lead to your own business? Women entrepreneurs who learn vital trade skills can take these along with their experience and form their own independent businesses. It can be simple for a certified tradesperson to start a one-woman business and earn her own money on her own terms. 

4. Women-Focused Opportunities

Because fewer women participate in the construction field, a woman who wants to get into this career has access to targeted assistance. Women-led industry groups may mentor newcomers, provide financial resources, and help women gain needed skills to develop their careers. You may also be able to access scholarships for education in your chosen specialties. 

5. Tangible Results You're Proud Of

If sitting at a desk and crunching numbers doesn't provide you a sense of accomplishment, you might do better participating in the construction of a house, a building, or a bridge. Those who work in construction will pass their own work every day and can take pride in their efforts for years to come. This is something you can pass on to your children, helping them take pride in their own work. 

Where to Begin

Could your career benefit from any of these perks of construction work? If so, start by looking into construction jobs in your area today. They will help you get started, find the fields that interest you, and make advancements. 

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