Save Your Skin: Why You Need To Install A Water Softener System

Save Your Skin: Why You Need To Install A Water Softener System

26 August 2021
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If you have hard water in your home, it's time to invest in a water softener system. If you think that a water softener will only provide you with softer clothes, or save you some money on your detergent costs, you're missing out on the bigger picture. You might not realize this, but a water softener will also provide benefits for your skin. If you're not sure how a water softener will benefit your skin, read the information provided below. 

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

If you've noticed the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, aging might not be the culprit. Those signs of premature aging could be caused by hard water. You might not know this, but hard water can destroy the collagen in your skin, which can lead to an increased occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, the only way to stop the formation of hard water-related wrinkles is to eliminate the hard water. The best way to do that is with a whole-house water softener system. 

Acne Flare-Ups

If you have hard water in your home, chances are good that you also have dry skin. That's because the minerals in hard water can dry out your skin. Not only that, but hard water doesn't remove soap from your skin as well as it should. That means you could be left with a soapy residue on your skin. Unfortunately, both of those issues can lead to an increase in acne. First, dry skin produces more oil, which increases the risk for acne. Second, the soapy residue can clog your pores, which also increases the risk for acne flare-ups. Luckily, you can alleviate the dry skin, and the acne flare-ups, by installing a water softener system in your home. 


If you've been diagnosed with eczema, now's the time to invest in a whole-house water softener system. You might not realize this, but hard water can irritate your skin, which can increase the risk for eczema flare-ups. Not only will you experience frequent flare-ups, but you may also notice that your skin is itchier than usual. That's because the hard water is irritating your sensitive skin. To soothe eczema-related symptoms, and reduce the flare-ups, invest in a water softener as soon as possible. 


If your skin is flaky, even after using moisturizing lotions, hard water might be the cause. Hard water depletes your skin of the natural oils and moisture it needs to stay healthy. Unfortunately, adding moisturizing lotion won't alleviate the flakes. For that, you need to remove the hard water by installing a new whole-house water softener.

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