Top Things To Look For When Choosing Ink Pens For Use In Your Food Manufacturing Business

Top Things To Look For When Choosing Ink Pens For Use In Your Food Manufacturing Business

6 January 2022
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Your employees might need to have ink pens on hand when they are working in your food manufacturing business. They might need to take notes, mark things on labels, and more. You shouldn't just purchase regular pens from an office supply store and think that these will be sufficient or appropriate for use in your business, however. Instead, you should think about the specific needs of your business and your employees, and you should be sure that you choose pens accordingly. These are the most important things you'll want to look for when stocking up on pens for your employees to use.

Make Sure They're Metal Detectable

There is always the possibility that someone might drop a pen while they're working, and that pen might end up somewhere where it should not be. It's important to be able to detect and find pens that might be dropped. Metal detectable pens are designed to be used in facilities like yours simply because they're easy to detect and because they're shatterproof. Additionally, they don't have small parts. Because of this, there is much less of a risk of pieces of your pens finding their way into food products.

Be Sure They're Food Safe

Even though using metal detectable pens is a good way to cut down on the possibility of pens ending up in your ingredients and foods, you should know that the pens might still come in contact with the food from time to time. To help ensure that this is not a problem, you should look for pens that are made out of food-safe materials.

Make Sure They're Designed for Extreme Temperatures

You and your employees are probably already well aware of the fact that temperatures in a food manufacturing business can get very high. In areas where perishable products are used or where freezing is done, for example, it can be very cold. In other areas of the facility, however, it might be really hot. The right pens can be used at extreme temperatures without worrying about problems like the ink leaking or freezing up.

Make Sure They Write Clearly and Easily

Of course, in addition to worrying about the things listed above when choosing pens for your employees to use, you should also think about the things you would normally think about when buying ink pens for work. For example, you'll want to be sure that you choose pens that write clearly and easily for the best results.

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