Parts On Your Junk Car That Can Be Sold For Aluminum Scrap

Parts On Your Junk Car That Can Be Sold For Aluminum Scrap

19 April 2022
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When you are considering selling your junk car, one of the options that may come to mind is parting it out. Parting out the car may give you more money overall than simply selling the car as one unit to a junk car buyer. This is especially true if you consider the aluminum scrap industry and the many parts of your car made from this metal. Here are some of the parts in your junk car that may be more valuable parted out to aluminum scrap companies. 

Condenser Pipes

Your air conditioner may have several options that can be parted out and sold for aluminum scrap. For example, if you have an air conditioning unit in your car, you likely have condenser pipes. These pipes are usually made of aluminum. Each pipe can be removed, cleaned, and sold for scrap. Keep in mind that most of the pipes you see in a car are also made with aluminum. This means they can be removed and parted out for scrap as well. 

Wheel Covers

Your junk car wheels may be worth more than you realize. If you have aluminum hubcaps or similar options on your car, then those can be parted out and sold for aluminum scrap. This includes wheel hubcaps, covers, and the metal supporting the tires as well. If your wheels have spokes, those may also be made of aluminum. You can check the wheels by using a magnet against all of the various metals. If the metal does not attach to the magnet, then the metal used is likely aluminum. 

Bumpers and Fenders

The bumper and fender of your car may be made of durable steel if it is vintage. This means it was made prior to a certain time frame. However, if the car was made recently or in the past two decades, the metal may be aluminum. You can use the same magnetic test you use for the wheel covers to determine if the bumper or fender is made of aluminum. If they do not stick to the magnet then they may be available to part out and sell for scrap. 

If you want to part out your car to sell for aluminum and other various metal scraps, consider the parts you want to sell first. Remember, some of these metals and parts are more valuable than others. Try to focus on your high-end value and which parts are worth the time of removing and selling as an as-is scrap option.


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